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Defend your core from the impending hoard in VRchery, a game based on the HTC Vive, in which players are equipped with a heart rate monitor and must use a slingbow and arrow to fight off waves of enemies!

VRchery was created with the intention of being an exergame that doesn't feel like an exergame. By utilizing the heart rate monitor, the difficulty of the game adjusts to keep the player at their target BPM for their target workout regimen, approximately

10-20 minutes in length. Upon completion of a play session, the player will get to view a timeline of their progression through gameplay as well as with their heart's BPM. Some features in the game include mechanics like teleporting with arrows to utilize different positions as well as using the environment to attack the enemies!


  • Led  art asset development, keeping a cohesive and consistent art style across entire game

  • Modeled and textured several environment and prop assets

  • Collaborated with level designers to set up models and textures accordingly.

  • Worked with animator and programmers to implement animations and create a working pipeline

  • Created VFX and UI 

I primarily used Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create the art assets I contributed. VRchery was created using Unity.

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