Vesta: Virtual Vineyard


The Virtual Vineyards project is exploring innovative approaches to providing viticulture and enology education to professionals through the use of virtual reality and web technologies.

Current prototypes allow learners to explore a virtual vineyard and participate in a number of interactive simulations, including the ability to prune grape vines and watch how the vines grow over time in different conditions, and interact with common vineyard equipment such as a sorting table (used to sort out unwanted materials gathered during harvest), destemmer machine (removes the stems from the grapes), and the basket press (used to squeeze the juice out of the grapes).

The project is funded by the National Science Foundation through the Viticulture Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA).


  • Modeled various prop and environment assets

  • Collaborated with other artists to keep a cohesive style throughout multiple scenes


I used Maya to create the art assets I contributed. Vesta: Virtual Vineyard was created using Unity.

© 2020 by Jasmine Burks. 

Jasmine Burks

Environment Artist | Graphic Designer