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Tahir's Playbook

Tahir’s Playbook challenges players to track their eating, drinking and exercise habits, and engage in a series of mini-games across the week to level up their fitness and prepare for the “Big Game”. Along the way, players earn achievements while being coached and mentored by Tahir Whitehead, a professional football player.

Tahir’s Playbook is a game for the Detroit Public Schools developed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Michigan State University.


  • Modeled and textured clothing and accessories

  • Modeled and textured assets for the sorting game

  • Modeled and textured various environment elements

  • Collaborated with programmers and set up models and textures accordingly

I primarily used Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create the art assets I contributed. Tahir's Playbook was created using Unity.

Available for iOS/Android and Web!

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