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Great Lakes Reality Assets

Tiger Stadium 1984

Tiger Stadium 1984 is a virtual reality experience created with Great Lakes Reality labs for a client. The intent was to transport the viewer to Tiger Stadium as it was in 1984, the last year the Tigers won the World Series

Responsible for all models and textures (excluding select traffic sign assets.

Scene rendered in UE4

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter,  Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4

Winter 2017

Metal Fuser

Metal Fuser is the first of a series of virtual reality experiences created with Great Lakes Reality Labs. It was created to provide high school students with "hands on" experience of trade jobs as a less expensive alternative to actual on-site practice, with the hope of sparking interest in less popular (but necessary) career fields.

Responsible for most environment assets, glove model and rig, and particle effects.

Scene rendered in Unity

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter,  Photoshop, Unity

Winter 2017

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